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Today on the New Year, I realize how much things have changed in my life this year. After spending two years and a half in a relationship with someone where I almost didn't go out, spend time with my friends, or meet new people, since the beginning of 2011 when we broke up, all of that changed. I started going out and "janguiando", had crazy experiences, met new people, built new friendships, spent time again with my old friends, and I finally felt free. I'm not saying that I was in a bad relationship, it just wasn't the life I wanted for myself. On 2011 I finally felt free, not only because that relationship ended, but because for the first time I was single AND old enough to finally experience independence and freedom. I'm so relieved that I'm getting to experience this and that I'm growing so much as a person.

As for my professional future, I'm still undecided as to what I'm going to do. Since I started my bachelor's, I always thought that I was going to study medicine, but as I've progressed in my major(Industrial Microbiology), I really think that I find Microbiology and Ecology more interesting and satisfying than medicine. I also feel like there are too many doctors, and not so many microbial ecologists, and that this branch could have a lot of important applications that have to do with helping the environment. I feel like this is more my passion, but since the economy is so bad lately, I'm really afraid to make this choice. I would like to have a family in the future, and have the freedom to spend time with them, and travel, and have my children have a great education and become professionals. If I go for the Master's and PhD and become a researcher/professor, I probably won't have the flexibility, the time, or the economic stability I would like so that I can enjoy those things with my family. And since I would like to have a balance between work and family, I think(and I could be mistaken), that it would be better to become a doctor and set my own office, where I choose how many hours I would work. Anyway, right now I'm in my fourth year of college, and I'm staying for two more semesters, so I still have some time to decide what I'm going to do. I really hope that this year of 2012 I get to finally know for sure I really want, so that I can make this very important choice. I also wish to meet more people, keep enjoying life, visit more places, spend more time with friends, and simply, keep having fun while still keeping good grades. Now let's start this 2012!

Summer list

Things I want to do this summer:

1.  Learn how to cook more things.
2. Take more photographs.
3. Finish reading Sherlock Holmes, and read more books.
4. Do some local tourism:
  • El Yunque
  • Toro Negro
  • Culebra
5. Do volunteer work.
6. Go to more local band shows.
7. True Blood/ My Little Pony marathon night.
8. Take out my drum set and practice.

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I'm gonna die here! Right now I'm at an ion cromatography "training" since 10.30am and it doesn't end!!! O.o. The guy's voice annoys me and I don't think I will ever use this in my life.

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Last night I went to the Weird Al Yankovic concert at the Tennesse Theater with Alessandro. The concert was a very good one, although it pissed me off that everybody had to stay seated, and they all looked like zombies and nobody was even moving their heads to the music! During the last songs, Ale and I moved to the back so that we could be standing up, and we could dance and sing without bothering anybody! :P

When the concert finished, we stayed waiting if we could get an autograph from Al, because the buses were there. The line was huge, and they also cut us off, but after a while I noticed that the guitarist was walking and a few people, incluiding me, went to where he was and I got an autograph and pic with him. He seemed very nice but he also looked tired :(

I had a lot of fun :D

Parents in Knoxville

Last weekend, my parents came to visit me in Knoxville. They got here Friday, and that was a hell of a day, it was horrible because they seemed like nervous, and in a very bad mood, and Papi was driving like a crazy person. He was driving so bad, that I even feared for our lives. At least the rest of the weekend wasn't that bad.

About the lab program, I'm a little upset because I really WANT to work, but everything here is crazy and every time we do something, there's at least SOMETHING missing. I haven't really done much, and I hate it that I don't feel productive and that I'm not doing what I came here to do.

At least the experience has been a very good one in that I have met really nice people, and I'm doing my own thing alone.

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It feels good to be alone, sometimes. The first days I spent here in Knoxville were unbelievably happy and refreshing for me. I walked around the town, talked to people, focused on the little things that are amazing, and I felt free. The day that my apartment neighbor arrived, I was happy that I had someone to talk to, but I stopped going to places alone. For some reason I felt kind of the need to make him enjoy himself in Knoxville, and I stopped enjoying MY time alone in Knoxville. He's a very very nice person, and I do enjoy his company, and I have learned a lot from his culture because he is from Italy. Still, I hate about myself that I care too much what other people think sometimes, that I stop enjoying myself.

True Blood

Today I watched True Blood's first episode! :) I really liked it. And I'm still kittysitiing Tempi but at least she woke up less evil today.

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Today Kirsti(one of the professors) brought her cat Tempi to my apartment because I was going to kittysit. This cat is the DEVIL. And she's freaking bipolar. RIght now my foot itches and hurts like hell because I'm allergic to cat scratches and this cat just scratched me for no reason at all! I just walked past her, and GHHHH!!! She scratched me :(

At noon I went to Market Square and saw this amazing store called Bliss, and I made friends with an employee and talked for a while. He offered to let me in a private party for a rock event at the plaza this thursday. I don't know if I'll go.

On the evening I ate at Alessandro's apartment, and then we took a taxi to Market Square. We walked to Old CIty and there was a very excellent blues band playing at a local, so we sat there, Alessandro drank a beer, and we listened to the nice music. I had a good time. Then we just walked around the city, ate ice cream and it was cool and very relaxing.

Summer research

It's been two weeks since I arrived at Knoxville, TN for my summer research program, and I still haven't been able to work at the Lab at all! They are still moving things and fixing things here, and the lab isn't ready yet. So, I always get to the SERF building at 10am, and leave at about 3.30-4pm, and all I can do is play on my computer, read papers, and that's it. At least on the last few days I have been helping Eli with some sample lists on the computer, which makes me feel a little bit more productive. I know there's nothing we can do about the lab, but I reaaally want to start working at the lab.

At least I can say that it's been a great experience so far in that I have met very nice and cool people, I went to AFI's concert, where I had the time of my life even though I went there alone. I have embraced and enjoyed this opportunity of spending time with myself, and it has been amazing.


Today is my first official day in Knoxville(Friday was arriving night so it doesn't count) and my first day at Loeffler Lab, where I'm going to be doing a REU program this summer. Over the weekend I had fun because I explored walking around a little, Saturday one of the professors, Kirsti drove me to a supermarket, and hung out with me at her apartment where I played with her two cats, and then she took me to a place in Market Square where we ate some Chips and Cheese sauce, and she drank a Margarita. We talked, and had a god time, she's very funny, hyper, and fun. 

I also got to go to an AFI concert on Sunday. I had such an amazing and fun time, I could scream, sing, jump and dance like crazy, because nobody knew me there and I didn't feel self-conscious. It felt to good and I felt so free as I danced and sang happily. After the show, some really cool people I met there told me they were going to the Afi bus to meet them, and they told me I could go with them. After a while after being outside, while Brandi was taking a picture of me with some of the people there, the Afi drummer Adam sneaked up behind us, and when Brandi noticed it was him, she shrieked, and then put her hands on her face to shut her own mouth because she got scared/embarrassed. He was really nice, I talked to him, and then took a pic with him, and he also signed my campus map, which was the only thing I carried that he could sign. I had a great and fun night.

On Monday(memorial day) I just rested, and then took a walk around Cumberland street and ate at Taco Bell, and just explored a little. Today was my first day and I met Frank, Eli, and Kathleen, and they were all really cool. We had a training in calibrating the qPCR machine, and then we had to leave because Kirsti and Frank had work to do. I guess that tomorrow we will formally start.